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I've been in an Accident - What do I do?!

Being involved in an auto accident can be overwhelming. But what if I told you that you can simplify the process with just three steps? Below are the only three steps you need to be aware of after being involved in a collision.

Step 1: Whether there are obvious injuries or not, you should always call the police to come and take an incident report. The police can direct your next actions - whether to wait for police to arrive, exchange information and take pictures, or fill out a form at the police station or a gas station.

Step 2: Get the medical treatment that you need. Do NOT wait to see if there will be insurance coverage for your medical treatment. Waiting too long to get treatment can create reasonable doubt that you were injured in the collision or that your injuries were directly caused by the collision.

Step 3: Call my office. Seriously, that’s it!

There should be many more steps such as calling the insurance company, waiting on hold with the insurance company, getting your property damage claim approved, setting up a claim, gathering your medical records and bills, fielding calls from medical providers regarding your bills, dealing with your health insurance company, negotiating a settlement with your insurance provider, researching what the letters and notices you receive mean, etc. Let my firm handle all of these things for you! We are experienced, reliable, and available to help you in what could easily be a very overwhelming time in your life.